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"Hello I am Corey Logo, the taxidermist that will bring your trophy to life. I have been blessed with the gift of art."

Every completed piece of work that leaves my showroom is a signature of who I am and what I stand for, when I started this business in 1994, my main focus was based on quality and I still stand firm to that today.

I have loved the outdoors ever since I can remember, hunting and fishing have been my favorite past times. I have a great respect for nature and all of Gods creatures that roam within it.

During my career as a Taxidermist, I have earned numerous awards, some of the higher awards that I have had the privilege to win are, master in upland birds, Master in waterfowl, Master in cold water fish, Master in warm water fish. 2 time winner of 1st place competitor's award, 3 time president's choice award, 2 time winner of the Wasco most artistic entry award, judges best of show in fish, lifetone paint award, 2 time Pa fish and boat commission award, Ducks Unlimited award, and 3 best of shows.