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"Unlike most animals, waterfowl has their own characteristics and display some of the most beautiful colors and poses ever seen."

I am able to capture some of the most majestic attitudes ever displayed by these amazing creatures, from the most complex flight poses, diving poses where they are only suspended by their bills, to as simple as a resting pose, laying on a rock, or standing in a wet muddy marsh.

My birds are created from bodies that I have carved, sculpted and made molds of, the bills have been cast as well in a similar manor, and have been designed to have an open mouth if desired for that extra bit of attitude. The feet and bills are painted to detail, all the way down to showing the veins in a bufflehead's foot to the radical colors of a surf scoters bill.

If you are a die hard fowl hunter, looking at adding another to your collection or a first timer who is looking to start a collection, then allow us to create that frozen moment in time that you will never grow tired of looking at!